Energy Transition

As we transform the places we live and our lifestyles to become more sustainable, it is crucial that energy is affordable and accessible, improving the quality of life for all.

A pivotal moment for energy

Society, business and government must commit to energy transition if we are to avoid the potential of further devastating impacts of climate change. The road ahead is complex but through collective endeavor we can protect the place we all call home.

Driven by growing policy response and the acceleration of new technology, a fundamental transition is underway in the energy sector. Getting to net zero means completely decarbonizing where we get our energy from, as well as how it is distributed, stored, and used. Sidara is working to make this happen across every major sector. We are applying our expertise to decarbonize electrical and chemical energy infrastructure systems, as well as heavy industry, transportation, water and buildings. This will fundamentally change the shape of our cities, making them cleaner and more sustainable.

Our work in energy transition enables us to help even the most complex industries respond to the climate crisis, and at the same time deliver genuine health benefits and a more equitable society. We are proud to combine our energy capabilities across the world in industrial hubs, transportation and the built environment in the pursuit of a zero-carbon world. Undeterred by the most substantial technical challenges of the most hard-to-transition sectors, our experts combine supply-side and demand-side expertise to provide innovative solutions for a new future of energy.

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