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As our cities continue to swell, the vibrancy, energy, and color that they bring act like a magnet to workers, dreamers, learners, and thinkers the world over.

The fabric of each city relies on its schools, universities, cultural centers, libraries, museums, sports stadiums, and concert halls as places of fulfillment and enrichment. These spaces define who we are as a community. However, with growth and ambition comes complexity. Without proper planning, high-quality design, careful construction, and a sustainable approach, our cities can rapidly become congested, uninspiring, and challenging places to live.

Buildings have a lasting impact on the fabric of cities, adding texture and defining the very personality of a place. They can make us feel welcomed, encourage learning, and act as beacons of inspiration. Cities and the buildings within them are also at the very center of our journey to net zero. We’re improving energy efficiency, embracing sustainable design, and employing advanced construction methods to reduce their impact on the planet.

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