Sidara’s building analytics platform Para earns world’s first UL Smart Systems rating

The globally-recognized verification system provides assurance on Para’s ability to help smart building owners verify smart systems that optimize and facilitate operation and maintenance.

Para – Sidara’s digital twin and building analytics platform – has been awarded the first-ever Smart Systems Rating by UL Solutions, a global leader in applied safety science.

Para is a customizable single-platform solution for sustainability management, energy intelligence and optimization, fault detection and diagnostics, condition-based maintenance, intelligent asset management, and real-time portfolio views for building and infrastructure assets.

Leveraging cognitive analytics powered by machine learning and artificial intelligence, Para integrates data from across the built environment, empowering decision makers to strategically manage and optimize their assets, for greater efficiency, cost effectiveness, and sustainability.

CEO of Para, Faysal Shair, said: “One of the challenges currently faced by the digital twin market is a standardized definition and operating model for digital twin technology, and UL Solutions stepped up to solve this problem with the UL Smart Systems Rating Program. We are proud to have been recognized globally as the first digital twin platform to complete UL Solutions’ assessment and earn a UL Smart Systems Rating.”

A recognized symbol of trust, the Smart Systems Rating was introduced to provide a criteria-based rating program for smart building systems – assessing their connectivity, interoperability, resilience, cybersecurity, digital experience, functional value, and control and automation.

Commenting on the award, Sudhi Sinha, the vice president of UL Solutions’ Ecosystems and Service Development, said: “The UL Smart Systems Rating Program helps solidify the definition of a smart product and provides much-needed clarity for the smart building industry. Para is not only the first to earn a UL Smart Systems Rating but also an example of the program’s value for smart product manufacturers and their customers.”

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